About Machilipatnam Municipal Corporation

Sri S. Siva Rama Krishna
Special Officer
Sri K Madavi Latha.. IAS

Machilipatnam Municipal Corporation is 2nd  largest ULB in the Krishna  District of Andhra Pradesh.  It is spread over an area of  26.67 Sq.kms. with a population of 1,70,008/- (2011 Census) it is known for/Famous for its Imitation Gold and edible Sweets especially Laddu.
It is located  110 kms. From Capital City and  0 kms. From District Head Quarters. It was established as 3rd  Grade Machilipatnam Municipality in the year 1866.There are 5 zones/and 42 Election wards in this Municipality.
The town is located on the east coast in the Krishna District at Delta region at a distance about 6.4 km from sea.  Compared to other coastal towns, Machilipatnam is situated on a generally flat terrain with a level difference of about 2 to 3 meters between the maximum and minimum levels.  The town is situated at a level of about 1m to 0.6m above MSL.  The Bandar canal passes through the outskirts of the town.  The natural ground slope of the town is in general from southeast direction towards Bay of Bengal. Read More